Get the Test CNX Tokens

Some test CNX tokens are required to start the node. The test CNX tokens can be acquired for free in the Discord server of Crynux:

Find the Right Place to Issue the Command

The slash command can be used in two places:

  • A private chat window to the HappyAIGen bot

  • In the pubic channel happy-aigen-discussions

In most other public channels, the slash command is forbidden to maintain a better environment for discussion.

Issue the Command to Get Test CNX Tokens

DO NOT copy & paste the command, it only works when typed in using keyboard.

First of all join the HappyAIGen users using the following command:

/user join

Then bind the wallet address using the following command:

/node wallet {wallet_address}

Remember to replace {wallet_address} with your real wallet address. For example:

# Example

/node wallet 0x2D49A3fb6C5d60fAe31efd6E5Fb743b8b87590EA

After a short while, the test CNX tokens should appear in your node wallet.

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