Start a Node - Mac

Start a node to join the Crynux Network on Mac

0. Overview

  • Fill a form to tell us your GPU type, location, network bandwidth [No application form, no sign up, you don’t need to tell us]

  • Join waitlist and wait for the email from us [No waitlist, just install the Crynux Node app, you can start earning CNX tokens right away]

  • Follow the steps below:

1. Prerequisite

The Crynux Node supports only the Macs with the M1, M2, M3 or newer versions. Make sure your device meets the requirement before running the node.



Mac M1, M2, M3 or newer



Disk Space



Public network access to Huggingface and Civitai

2. Download the Crynux Node software

Download the DMG file using the following link, then double-click the file, and drag the app to the application's folder:

3. Start the node

Double-click on the icon of the newly installed app to start the node:

4. Prepare the wallet

A wallet with enough test tokens must be provided to the node. If this is the first time you start a node, click the "Create New Wallet" button and follow the instructions to create a new wallet and finish the backup of the private keys.

Get the test CNX tokens from the Discord Server

Some test CNX tokens are required to start the node. The test CNX tokens can be acquired for free in the Discord server of Crynux:

In the happy-aigen-discussions channel of the Discord server, type in the following command in the input bar, DO NOT copy & paste the command, it only works when typed in using keyboard:

/user join

Then bind the wallet address using the following command:

/node wallet {wallet_address}

Remember to replace {wallet_address} with the wallet address you just created in the Web UI.

After a short while, the test CNX tokens should appear in your node wallet:

5. Wait for the system initialization to finish

If this is the first time you start a node, it could take quite a long while for the system to initialize. The most time consuming step is to download ~40GB of the commonly used model files from the Huggingface. The time may vary depending on your network speed.

After the models are downloaded, a test image generation task will be executed locally to examine the capability of your device. If the device is not capable to generate images, or the generation speed is too slow, the node will not be able to join the network. If the task is finished successfully, the initialization is completed:

6. Join the Crynux Network

The Crynux Node will try to join the network automatically every time it is started. After the transaction is confirmed on-chain, the node has successfully joined the network. When the node is selected by the network to execute a task, the task will start automatically, and the tokens will be transferred to the node wallet after the task is finished.

Now you could just leave it there to execute the tasks. When you shutdown the Crynux Node app, it will try to quit the network before exiting, so that new tasks will not be sent to the node any more. And the next time the app is started, it will join the network to receive new tasks automatically.

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